Who am I?

I am a girl. 

A girl with many dreams…  owning a second home at the beach, staying at home with my kids, being debt-free, helping and inspiring others, traveling… the list goes on.

A girl with no college diploma. Yup. Zero.

A girl who procrastinates… HORRIBLY (at least I used to before this blog).

A girl who worked at McDonald’s for 6 years.  Yes.  I survived 6 years in fast food.

A girl who is determined to inspire.  To teach.  To encourage.

A girl who wasn’t going to send my kids to daycare.

A girl who was like SO MANY other moms who didn’t want to JUST be a stay-at-home mom. I didn’t want to work a normal 9-5 job.  I wanted something different.  I wanted to make my own hours, raise my own kids, be my own boss, help increase our family income rather than some CEO’s or corporation.

A girl who knows there are so many moms out there who have similar dreams.  A girl who wants to find a way to help those moms.

A girl who wanted more power to make her own decisions.  To be home with my kids when they were sick, for as long as they needed me.  To eat lunch with them at school.  To make a full-time income on my own hours… from anywhere.

Yes, I am a girl with big dreams… but I’m also a girl accomplishing them.  My goal with this blog is to reach my dreams by helping you accomplish yours.  Let’s do this together.


Oh yeah… almost forgot…

My name is Kimmy from Gettysburg, PA.  ;-P