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Stop making excuses!  This year I have decided to start making decisions instead of excuses.  It’s time to get things done.  So every time I start making an excuse or I start feeling lazy, I just tell myself “JUST DO IT”.  Most of the little tasks I make excuses to avoid, literally take me 10 minutes.  Seriously.  10 minutes.

I started my blog by telling myself to “JUST DO IT.”  The main purpose of this blog is to keep me accountable to myself and stop making excuses!  So far… it has been amazing!

If you are frustrated or overwhelmed by a project, start with something small and JUST DO IT!

If you find an excuse to not exercise, JUST DO IT!

If you are putting off that simple diet, JUST DO IT!

If you make an excuse as to why you are not painting that hideous bathroom, JUST DO IT!

If you are tired of your unorganized closet, JUST DO IT!

Seriously, JUST DO IT!

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