Kreating with Kimmy

Let’s create something GREAT!


Like some of you, I tend to procrastinate.  Project after project, I would continue to put off finishing the task.  It took me an entire year to finish a simple bathroom renovation.  It wasn’t even a full renovation… there was MINIMAL demolition.  As in, take a commercial mirror down, remove a backsplash and replace a faucet.  Seriously?!  One year for a project that involved mostly paint?  Ugh!

That’s where this blog comes in.  I needed accountability.  I needed motivation.  I needed a simple excuse as to why I needed to complete a project promptly.

Let me tell you something… you CAN do it… and you can do is QUICKLY!  All of the projects I have completed should have been completed in a weekend, maybe two.  My kitchen is probably the only exception.

Where do you begin?  For me, it all starts with three simple words.


Seriously.  When you think of something that needs done… if it takes less than 10 minutes to do it, then literally say these words out loud, stand up, and DO IT!  It’s amazing how those small 10 minute tasks can turn into a completed “To Do” list!

If you are frustrated or overwhelmed by a project, start with something small and JUST DO IT!

If you find an excuse to not exercise, JUST DO IT!

If you are putting off that simple diet, JUST DO IT!

If you make an excuse as to why you are not painting that hideous bathroom, JUST DO IT!

If you are tired of your unorganized closet, JUST DO IT!

Seriously, JUST DO IT!