Staying positive in September!


One of my dad’s favorite motivational quotes was always “Attitude is Everything!”  I have learned through the years that this is so true.  Attitude can make the difference between failure and success.  The glass should always be half full.

I struggled with negativity for years and I still find myself challenging my own negative thoughts.  There are so many negatives in this world that continue to drag us down, especially when dealing with the media.  It is during these tests that we must shine through.

So how do I fight this tendency to be negative?  I actually use apps and reminders/alarm clocks on my phone.  A simple reminder pops up in my notifications that just says “positive” or “smile” or “dream.”  I just use little simple words that remind me to stay positive and feed my brain with positive reinforcements.

Food for thought:

How can you be a more positive impact on other people?  What are some ways that you stay positive and upbeat through your day?

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